Careers & Electives

StudentBusiness, Marketing & Technology
The Business/Marketing/Technology Department at Bear Creek High School provides students with meaningful instruction in business, marketing, computer technology and information systems. A broad, comprehensive and ever-changing curriculum imparts the skills necessary to succeed in an increasingly complex information-based society. The ability to process and manipulate data has become a determiner of economic success for both individuals and businesses. Successfully analyzing and communicating information to others has always been a vital skill in the business world. In this new electronic age, these skills are now a part of our business world on a minute-by- minute basis. Bear Creek High School’s vision is to create students who are knowledgeable, poised and professional, comfortable and proficient in using technology in all forms, and possess the essential skills needed for life-long learning.

Family & Consumer Science
Family and Consumer Sciences at Bear Creek High School prepares students for everyday skills, higher education, and post-workforce readiness. Student’s learn tips for career success, hospitality management, advanced culinary arts skills, early childhood education, and financial literacy through the many classes offered.

The Physical Education Department at Bear Creek is proud to offer a wide variety of classes in hopes of catching the interest and needs of all students. Weight Training, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Fitness/Conditioning are just a few examples of the offerings. We also include a Health class for students wanting to dig deeper into the world of healthy choices and lifestyles.

World Language
BCHS offers students a wonderful World Language experience. Students can choose to study a variety of languages: Spanish, French, German and Japanese. Our teachers work with the students so that they have the necessary skills to communicate effectively in the target language. The different cultural activities provided inspire many students’ love for the language. Currently, students can enroll in AP Spanish and/or AP French. The majority of the students who complete the course perform well on the exam.

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