Jefferson County School District is committed to ensuring that all eligible students, including those with disabilities, have an equal opportunity to participate in non-academic and extracurricular programs and activities.

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Questions about Activities or Athletics?

For information regarding clubs/activities at Bear Creek, contact the club/activity sponsor directly. You can also reach Jose Martinez, assistant principal and activities director at 303-982-8776.

For information about our athletic program, please contact, Zach Morris, assistant principal and athletic director at 303-982-5347.

Fundraising for Clubs/Activities

We understand that keeping our clubs/activities running requires a variety of efforts, including fundraising. As such, we are happy to help facilitate this process in accordance with the policies set forth by Bear Creek High School and Jefferson County Public Schools. 

If you, or your group, is interested in hosting or participating in a fundraiser, there is a two step process that must be followed to ensure the funds end up in your account. The first step in any fundraiser is to complete the Application for Fundraising, providing as much information as possible. Once submitted, the Activities Director will review the application and will approve, disapprove or may ask you to provide additional information (contracts, insurance policies, etc.) for your fundraiser. If and when your fundraiser is approved by the Activity Director, then you may hold the fundraiser. 

After the fundraiser is held, the second step in the process involves you bringing your money/funds/check(s) to the Financial Office at Bear Creek High School. There, the financial secretary, Gina Shellhorn, will provide you with the Fundraiser Follow-Up Report that you will need to complete on the spot and submit with your money/funds/check(s). Once submitted, the Financial Secretary and the Activities Director will review and approve of the funds; at that point, the funds will be deposited into your group's account. If any group does not complete the Fundraiser Follow-Up Report and just deposits their funds in the Financial Office; those funds will be held back until the Report is completed.

Field Trips

Each field trip should be directly related to content and curriculum. Each teacher who is planning a field trip should communicate with his/her department about the educational value of the field trip and its relation to the standards.

Requesting permission for field trip approval is a two-step process. The first step of the process requires the completion of the Field Trip Request Form. Once it is filled out and submitted, your Activity Director will approve or disapprove of the applicable fundraiser. This part must be completed prior to sending home forms and details.

Once your field trip is approved via the Google Form, you will receive an email confirmation with further instructions and assistance in completing the second step, paperwork. The field trip permission slip and drivers form is available at the top of this page once you get to this step. 

504 Information

 If your student requires an accommodation to participate in any of these programs, please contact the BCHS Building 504 Coordinator, Gretchen Slaughter at 303-982-0109.

A parent guide and more information can be obtained at the District's website.  Copies of the parent guide are also available in each school building and can be obtained from the principal’s office.

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (“Section 504”) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) prohibit discrimination against individuals with disabilities in any program receiving federal financial assistance.  The Jefferson County Public School District is committed to ensuring compliance with Section 504 and the ADA.  Accordingly, no discrimination against any persons with a disability shall knowingly be permitted in any program or practice in the District. The District further acknowledges that it has the responsibility to provide accommodations, adjustments, modifications, and necessary services to eligible students and other individuals with disabilities.

If you believe that your student with a disability has been denied an accommodation or service as a result of inappropriate weighing of available resources or if you have any questions or concerns related to Section 504 or the provision of appropriate services for your student with a disability, please do not hesitate to contact your student’s building principal.

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